Waiting In The Wings

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Choices and bird watching

It's been one of those weeks where I just haven't been able to settle to do anything. I intended having the top of my bargello quilt all ready to go but after reading again the initial post from
Leanne at She Can Quilt
about Scraptastic Tuesday and the 45 comments that had been left for the post I decided I too needed better organisation for sorting scraps, fatal mistake as my studio is now in a worse mess than ever!!

However re the aforementioned scrappy quilt the fabric I originally intended for the border looks dull against the quilt top and I  think I'll leave it without borders and just bind with the green - what do you think? Actually looking now at the pics maybe the white of the design board is distracting me, perhaps it could work.

I have had to fold the top in half in order to fit on the small design board which is higher at one end than the other  so the shots are all over the place something else which needs attending to - not able to access the one fixed to the wall at present due to boxes and fabrics all over the place

 Bird watching - the three baby blackbirds fled the nest last Saturday, I saw them perched on the edge of the nest stretching wings and ten minutes later they were all off! Well, not really off they fluttered down into the bushes below for a day or so.
Parent blackbirds are still calling me for a few raisins every day, they're a delight to see

Poppa arrives for his fix ….

bit worried about the competition

now he has company. ….

and leaves just the one for her…..

Moving on from blackbirds I'm off to continue the great battle with my scraps and storage issues and general mayhem around me. Back at the weekend with a few more cats.


Teresa in Music City said...

Isn't it amazing how "organizing" an area can cause you to tear it up from one end to the other? My mom used to be the only person I knew who could totally destroy a room in an effort to clean it.... but my sewing studio is proving to be just like that. Every time I try to organize and get it "in shape" I end up with a huge mess to clean up LOL!!!

Exuberant Color said...

I would like that quilt without a border. It has enough personality as it is.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Working theory here is things always end up getting worse before they get better. . .

I, too, like the quilt without borders.

Hang in there!!!

Julierose said...

I like that green border, myself. I am a "border" person (sometimes bordering on insanity I think!! haha) I just moved my stacking drawers back onto my closet shelf to make more surface room --now it's just as cluttered--can't keep that fabric in line! Hugs, Julierose

Sally T said...

How about a compromise and have no border but use the green as the binding? And I love the civilized raisin exchange with your blackbird friends.