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Thursday, November 13, 2014

This and That

Not a hugely productive week so far at my place, it's been a busy week but not a lot of quilting!
I've finished cutting the huge hexagons
and half hexies for my quilt using the pattern and colours
from the newest Kaffe Fasset book "Quilts in Morocco".

I'm a member of Aotearoa Quilters here in New Zealand and they have run a colour challenge for the past two or three years, this year was deemed to be Purple but as the date for receiving entries is November 21st I thought I wouldn't have time to get the 12" x 12" challenge together.

Changed my mind late yesterday afternoon and decided to go for it. In the newsletter sent out to members we are told Purple or lilac, lavender, mauve, periwinkle, violet or amethyst so quite a range there! 
I put together one Fractured block yesterday, not a big ask as it is only a 12" block 

today this has been deconstructed in a similar way to three small pieces I made last year inspired by Rayna Gillman's work. I'll put a photo up when the quilting has been done which should be tomorrow or Saturday and I need to have it in the mail on Monday.

In the garden my roses are beginning to come out now and even our heavy rain and windy weather this week hasn't harmed them too much. A pink David Austin rose is blooming in our front garden

normally I would try and take a shot of a perfect rose/roses, one of the opening buds here has a few tattered petals but I'm looking at flowers in another way now. There is a book available from an Art Gallery in Auckland titled "Imperfect" by Emma Bass, this shows flowers, usually in arrangements which have obviously been around a while and are drooping, decaying and so on,  the promotional photos are absolutely wonderful. I  am sooooo tempted to buy this but it's quite pricey and needs a little more thought before I plunge in.

Meanwhile it's back to cats for me after quilting the Purple block - and a great surprise as I've made 125 and only need 126 for the quilt !! How pleased was I when I counted them but I shall make a few more and should be able to post these on Sunday or Monday.

Downton Abbey will on TV in 20 mins so I'm off to get comfortable.
See you soon.


Jo said...

Lovely to see so much color! Up here in our part of the world it's turning all brown and gold with Fall. Nice to see beautiful roses! Have fun with your challenge. Just finished one last minute and it was fun!

Sally Trude said...

Your roses look perfect too me. And thank you for the nice burst of blue and purple. I hope to find my sewing room soon...

Janet said...

Very interesting block. I look forward to see what you do to it next! And the roses ARE perfect. Perfectly beautiful.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful post . . . SO much great color!